February 1, 2023

While I was wandering around this evening between martinis, I passed the U-Down store a few blocks from my house. To give a little bit of backgorund, if you go anywhere on this fukn island of Oahu, you see this U down symbol….
Anyway…life has been complicated for a while and for whatever reason, tonight was the first time I had the chance to go in and meet the guys doing this. I have a ton of respect for these fukrs as I see the U down symbol in themost inaccessible locations on Oahu…on stoplights, on freeway signs, on the roads, on cars, on shirts of the hottest fukn chicks…
Suffice to say I was stoked to get to meet Justin and Kanoa and am looking forward to doing some extreme shit with them. for some reason U Fukn Down….just sounds right…
fukn down
v .: UDown ?!

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