January 30, 2023

It’s difficult to generalize about a continent as large as Africa, but I would say that homosexuality is generally not very well accepted. A huge conference for gays and lesbians scheduled to be held in Ghana next month was just banned by government officials.
A Muslim group in Zanzibar has protested about plans to mark the 60th birthday of the late rock legend and Queen front man Freddie Mercury.
The Zanzibar-born singer who was openly gay was renowned for his flamboyant lifestyle. He was also HIV positive.
Muslims on the Tanzanian archipelago say his antics violated Islam and want a beach party on Saturday cancelled.
Zanzibar outlawed gay relations in 2004, a move which attracted criticism from gay communities around the world.
The BBC’s Ally Saleh in Zanzibar says it is not certain that the star ever returned to his birthplace, although he remains Zanzibar’s most famous son.
BBC NEWS | Africa | Zanzibar angry over Mercury bash

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