February 8, 2023

the internet is stickyI had a dream that made me remember it the other night. Maybe you guys experience these too. Sometimes I wake up and am like “Okay, awake, dreamed, now on to life” etc. Other times the dreams remain in my brain and most rare of all is when I meet someone powerful and profound and they tell me something that I need to keep repeating in my head until I get it right. This was that kind of dream. The language used in dreams is not used in the same way as the language in this waking world and sometimes the meanings aren’t as clear as one would hope. I’m fairly certain that is why these things bounce around in our heads and souls. It takes time to get them.

In this particular dream this powerful and profound personage said this to me “You stick to the internet”. As soon as it was said, I knew that it was important. I need to explain that something I recently experienced was the unraveling of reality. It is fairly tenuous and held together by the most ephemeral strands and forces. It is my belief that at some point reality came together creating the past, the present, and the future (all at once mind you, not in order) and that at some point it is all going to come apart (at exactly the same moment it was created in and everything in between).

I am starting to think that this point could be the singularity. In fact by definitiion, it is, but more what I am referring to is the point that machine intelligence capability exceeds human intelligence capability. The singularity. At this point, all begins and ends. And it is at this point that you may survive or disappear. You stick to the internet.

Today on a tour I was leading, there was a pretty sharp 15 year old kid from Oakland. I don’t remember what the group was talking about but at some point I said “That’s the thing, the internet sticks to you” and his immediate reply was this.

“No, you stick to the internet. Definitely, you stick to the internet.”

Not just sharp but wise too.

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