February 4, 2023

Okay…this is really fukn cool. Apparently scientists tracking this polar bear Skadi, just observed her swimming 100 km through the icy polar waters in a 24 hour period.
What this means is that polar bears may have to be reclassified as Marine Mammals…like whales, otters, and dolphins….
I love polar bears….
One time when me and some buddies found an Inuit fisherman’s ID on the street in Bellingham, WA and then tracked the dude down to give it back to him, he bought us beers and then told us that in his village he was the guy that could tell everyone what their spirit animal was. Mine was Polar Bear, my other buddy was Grizzly Bear, and our other friend was Little Bird. Little Bird got pissed and wanted to kick the Inuit guys ass but the two bears stopped him….
WWF’s Polar bear tracker

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