January 28, 2023

Here is a scenario I came up with for a novel in 1999. I am putting a lot of old columns and ramblings up on the site dating back to the 1990’s. If you have an interest in any of them, they are under the category ‘The Chairman’. Also rolling archives are now gone…if you want previous stories you will have to go to the bottom of the page and click ‘previous’. You’ll find my anarchist manifesto, personal writings, newspaper columns, stoned ideas, and school papers that might be interesting. Enjoy. More to come. Lots more.

World War III
1999- world war three begins beween slavic and western countries.
2004- turmoil spreads to asia, africa, and south america
2005- civil war erupts in the united states as an isolationist mentality sets in
2007- the United states withdraws from the war, the new government declares itself neutral and The Government of The People rises in the U.S. The European war goes on. Serbia and Russia have driven allied forces to Africa. Europe undergoes major ethnic cleansing.
2008- the planet is in ruins, millions are dead, the war goes on. Afrikan Freedom Fighters, Muslims, and fugitive Europeans have formed The Prong, a deadly system of alliances which while loosely held together relies on viscious attacks and tactics.
2009- GOTP calls for peace, ending two years of silence. China, now including Japan, both Koreas and all of southeast asia agrees. The two countries try negotiating for peace. The displaced Europeans and Ethnic Avengers refuse to give up Europe. The Serbs begin using slavery openly. Their war machine turns into a defensive giant, follewd by the necessary infrastructure to move forward. The Serbs agree to peace. The Prong detonates a nuclear bomb in Paris the new Serb Capital.
2013- War is over. The prong is strictly isolationist. Terrorists routinely destroy the wonders of Europe and they are routinely replaced with ultra modern apartments and factories. Slavery continues in Serbia.
The GOTP absorb Mexico and all of South America. the prong is rumored to be using research from the war to explore the planets. The Serb machine continues to build wonders as the world goes on.
2016- GOTP disbands

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