January 30, 2023

A Mowgli-like wild boy who appears to have been raised by a dog since he was three months old has been discovered living in a remote part of Siberia seven years after he was abandoned by his parents.

Andrei Tolstyk was discovered three weeks ago by social workers who wondered why the seven-year-old had not enrolled at his local school in the beautiful Siberian region of Altai.
Deprived of human contact for so long, Andrei could not talk and had adopted many dog-like traits, including walking on all fours, biting people, sniffing his food before he ate it and general feral behaviour.
In an extraordinary case of life imitating art, Andrei, like Rudyard Kipling’s fictional Mowgli in ‘The Jungle Book’, had spent almost his entire youth in the company of animals.

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