February 5, 2023

Adventures to inspire

my child, your child,

Jules Verne, National Geographic, Sir Richard

Burton’s stories – my stories.

Tans-Siberian railroad – Russian steppes

Race nomads – throat singers of Tuva.

Meditation zen – top Fuji

pedaling rickshaw with driver

Passenger – secret pho.

Cambodia Myanmar – Burma – Syu Kyi free,

Ancient Wats -Chan villages Nepal Tibet?

Kashmir Gorge, life worth living

Taj Mahal yoga

(no Eat Pray Love floor scrubbing)

spicy cooking – beautiful sari red my wife

or dead man when home.

Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Andamans

parties beaches diving

Zanzibar Madagascar. Lemurs play drums?

African/French fusion food – Namibia – African/German

Safari shots taken – Nikon

South Africa – apartheid -good riddance.

Australia massive crocodiles

tourists for dinner -yum- someone else wrestle

Cross desert to Reef.

Hobbits New Zealand

Aotearoa -Maori Rapa Nui

Peru Inca trail

Tango lessons Argentina Antarctica

penguins, belugas dolphins play.

Uruguay music divine.

Brazil, Amazon, Yanomami Disney version ?

Caribbean zydeco voodoo Dominican

Republic no fuku (curses)

Onwards Senegal and Mali

roots blues guitar Master Idrissi Samouo

Mauritania Morocco past Timbuktu to Atlas Mountains – my wife

She wiill ask me “Did you bring me a something?”

Birth to our daughter, Sophia. Wisdom of The World.


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