February 8, 2023

The results are in and the winners of Julys contests are as follows…..
1) For best comment of the month…the winner is “J” for his comment on the picture Allison sent in “Tight Pants” His comment was ” Heh, is that a Corona he’s got in his hand? Nothin’ finer than a Corona and a bona on a hot summer’s day”
For his crude but hilarious wit “J” wins this old book about secret codes and writing. Congratulations J!!!

2) For the best submission of the month, it was a difficult choice. Finally, it came down to what provided the most fun that was sent to us. While many of the stories and websites you sent gave us great dinner conversation fodder or prolonged amusement, nothing provided quite as much enjoyment as Lena’s telling us about Jacksonpollack.org . For providing us with hours of amusement and pictures to hang on our refrigerator, Lena wins this lovely little Buddha which might be made of Jade but is probably made of resin.

Congratulations to our winners! Prizes will be sent out as soon as you provide an address to me. For details on the fukn contests click here!

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