February 5, 2023

Strongest hurricane on record roars toward Mexico and US
Look out Fred, Hurricane Wilma is roaring towards the storm weary Mexican and U.S. gulf coasts. Wilma is the most powerful storm on record in the Atlantic.
Cuba, the most prepared nation in the Atlantic, has started to evacuate 235,000 people, while tens of thousands of tourists were ordered out of Cancun, Mexico, and the Florida Keys island chain.
Wilma also forced the cancellation of the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America ceremony, planned for Wednesday night in Cancun.
Widespread flooding and landslides were reported in Jamaica from rainfall sparked by the hurricane, and nearly 25 inches (64 centimeters) of rain was expected to drench mountainous areas of Cuba through Friday.
It is the 12th full-blown hurricane of the Atlantic season, and a series of storms have left thousands dead in Central America and along the US Gulf Coast.
Florida governor, Jeb Bush, was downcast at the prospect of a fresh hit.
“Why us?” he said.

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