January 31, 2023

This is amazing. I love it. Don’t forget, if you don’t have a house or outlet, you can by a DC-AC inverter at most auto stores for about $15, this will allow you to use your car battery to operate the rice cooker (you don’t even need a car! just the battery)

There is nothing like home baked bread, thickly spread with butter, and a hot cup of soup or coffee. Baking bread means turning on the oven, heating up the kitchen and making a minor mess. Now you can enjoy freshly baked bread, baked on top of the counter or stove, by baking it in a rice cooker. It’s clean, easy to clean up afterwards, and the bread is just delicious.
Prep time – 30 mins
Two -1 hour rises
Baking time – 1.5 – 3 hours
Summer White Wine

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