January 31, 2023

Now that is a good question my friends. The big question is in fact, who is fucking us? Is it George W. Bush and company? Is it the Terrorists? Is it big business and the friends of Kenneth Lay? Or could it be SATAN?
So there it is. This is my first post and while I feel like it should be something wonderful (i.e. like boingboing.net and it’s list of wonderful things) I don’t know that I have anything wonderful to say at the moment.
So let’s start with why I am here. Holy shit! I’ve gone straight to the most imponderable of unponderables. The oldest why in the fukn book! The biggest question in the God Damn Universe.
I am that I am. Isn’t that what both Popeye and that big god of the Jews and Christians and Muslims told to Abraham or Moses or one of those old guys that grew a long beard and lived to be 500 years old?
I am what I am. Ug-yug yug yug yu. I guess that is actually what old Popeye the sailor said. Sometimes I feel like Popeye. I’m probably closer to Bluto/Brutus though. Was that the same guy?
Wow. Fukn Crazy.
I am here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubble gum. That’s what old Rod Roddy Piper told all the aliens in the supermarket before he opened fire in “They Live”
Okay…so the answer. I am here for several reasons:
1) to amuse you and share the interesting bits of my existance
2) to become both rich and famous….somehow
3) and because I am compelled by megalomania to convince you how interesting I am as a human.
Now…to start you should look at my favorite new website I created recently…
Right…now back to the question…who is fukn.us?
At the moment, fukn.us is me. Chris Damitio. I’m a mad scientist without a lab and a drunk driver without a drink or a car. I’m here to PUMP……YOU UP!!!

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