February 5, 2023

fukn us

Hey…what’s up with fukn us? you may be asking. Fukn.us is in the process of becoming more than you can imagine. Thus far fukn us has mostly been fukn me, chris damitio. I’ve tried to create a bit of an exciting and informative online circus with monkeys, scary clowns, scary politicians, and hopefully informative and enjoyable reviews. That is going to continue…I’m not going anywhere…. I am opening up fukn us to more than just me. If you find something you want to see here…post it, or email me at chris@fukn.us Got a site you like? tell me….
In the meantime, I’m inviting all my fukn friends to post what interests them….so we’re talking 300 kinds of wierdness from 40 countries and not one of us being fans of Bush and his wars…
So read on, listen up, and write on…
It’s fukn.us….

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