February 5, 2023

I am overwhelmed you guys….I had no idea I could affect people in such a great way. I am proud. I am honored. And it is humbling…..thanks. I’ve left the last names of people out of these emails just in case their bosses happen to read fukn.us. Nearly one thousand copies have been downloaded in the past week. Blows my mind.
Remember you can download Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual for free, give it away, whatever…

    Hello Chris,
    I just downloaded and read your book tittled, “Rough Living, An Urban Survival Manual.” I could not brake away from the book until I had finished it. I am currently 25 and have just recently walked out on my very good job as a Toyota Fleet manager in Fairfield, CA to pursue a more fitting lifestyle so I would no longer fee as if I was wasting my youth. I have always had a different take on life from that of my friends and family. I have been telling myself that soon, very soon I am going to wander off into the woods with just a knife a water container and some matches. Frankly I believe that humans are ignoring what is so amazing about being human. We are (or rather can be) intelligent, adaptable creatures, and I just need to know that I can survive and function on my own without electricity, cable internet, media influences,jobs…all these conveniences that more and more just feel like a choke collar stripping me (humans) of their natural resoursefulness.
    Anyways, I appologize for rambling, I think I just need to hear my own thoughs outloud. I enjoyed your book very much and thank you for sharing your adventures and thoughts with the rest of the world. I cant wait to download more of your writings.
    I feel inspired to set my life into a destination that points towards happiness and freedom.
    Should our paths ever cross remind me to brew you some hot coffee and make my rice salad supprise!
    Be safe,
    Chico, CA

And another….

    My name is Phil. I just finished reading your book, and I must say, I liked it alot. I am heading to New Orleans shortly to help out in anyway I can.
    My problem is I had surgery done on my shoulder a few months back and it ran me completely broke. I never did have very high expectations, but I must tell you, your book helped to remind me and motivate me for my journey from Pittsburgh to NO. thank you!

And another
Good Day,

    My name is <>… I just wasted a couple of hours of my company’s time
    reading your book, Rough Living. Thanks for writing it, as it was a
    lovely read… So, where are you now and what are you doing? You probably get
    a zillion e-mails, but I do hope to hear from you. I’ve been telling a lot of people about
    your book… I waitress and keep a copy at the restaurant, so when I bring
    it up with tables, I can show them. It’s fun… a great conversation piece and a fabulous tool to change the world. I’m about to read your other book… very excited about it. Have a fun day!If you’re ever in Baltimore, I would love to offer you lunch or dinner or breakfast… I’m usually a little cranky in the morning though so unless it’s on the weekends, I’d stick with lunch or dinner… Anyway. Thanks. Have a
    happening day.

And one more….okay…that’s it you guys…I’m seriously so proud that I want to post them all but am also not so vain as to do so….Thanks to everyone who took the time to write. The waitresses, proofreaders (double thanks), the vagabonds, and the wanderers. You have made it worthwhile for me to have written.

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