February 8, 2023

This is incredibly unbelievable….Check out the movie, this makes the Vegas campaign look angelic by comparison. Cheating sucks. Sure, it happens all the time, it happens on TV, stars do it, all kinds of couples do it, but maybe this cartoon should end with the bimbo drowning and the guy getting in a head on collision…
BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Fancy sex on a fishing boat? Then visit the Lake Balaton resort, say Hungary’s authorities in a recently launched campaign aimed at attracting young people to its main lake resort.
The tourism authority is sending around an email with an internet link http://abalatoninyar.fw.hu/, leading viewers to a short cartoon film which features a young blonde woman having sex with a married man on a fishing boat on the lake.
The film, accompanied by a popular song from the 1980s, shows the tourist hiding his wedding ring while in bed with the woman. It also shows her wowing him after taking off her bra.
“The marketing campaign is aimed at selling Balaton as a travel destination primarily for the young generation,” the tourism authority said in a statement.
Under communism Balaton was a popular tourist spot of Germans and east Europeans, but its popularity fell in the past few years as Hungarians choose to spend the summer abroad.

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