January 29, 2023

Planning an Extravagant International Wedding in Bali? You Will be Glad you Budgeted for It!

If you plan on having an international wedding in Bali, budget is an important factor to consider. Whether you plan to have an extravagant wedding or you look to have a small intimate ceremony, your budget plan could break or make the dreams you have for your big day. 

Sometimes couples may not want to spare any expense when planning for their big day. However, having a destination wedding in Bali could turn out to be a very expensive affair. Budgeting not only keeps you out of debt but also ensures that there is enough money left for your romantic honeymoon plans. 

Is it Necessary to Have a Budget Plan for an Extravagant International Wedding?

When you are not on a tight budget, Bali offers many destination weddings options to choose from. Couples can have their wedding on the beach, mountain resorts, private villas, exquisite vocational rentals, vineyards, remote countryside locations, historic mansions, or stand-alone banquet halls. 

Sometimes it is not so much about money than a chance to spin beautiful lifetime memories with the person you love most in the world. However, Bali’s tranquil wedding experience could cost a fortune, and therefore, it is inevitable to have extra planning.  

There is no laid-out blueprint to a perfect wedding plan. The planning process is often marred with huddles that could potentially ruin a perfect day. Couples often make hasty decisions that they regret later on. 

For instance, if you are looking for an expensive venue for your wedding in Bali, you might be required to pay a non-refundable deposit immediately. If, later on, you came across a venue with a better wedding package, it could be difficult to change your venue location. Having a budget, therefore, prevents extravagant couples from making decisions on impulse. 

Having a budget enables couples to discuss all aspects of the wedding with suppliers before signing any contract. They therefore save more for the things they consider more important.

How Do I Prepare an International Wedding Budget?

The last thing you want to have as a couple that is just about to tie the knot is an argument about money. The first step towards budgeting for your wedding in Bali is to agree on the amount of money you and your significant other are willing to spend on the wedding preparations. 

You can then choose a location, agree on the guest count, and choose the cuisine you would like for the wedding together. It is always good to make your checklist with approximate costs before meeting with a wedding planner. This allows you to make informative vendor comparisons before settling on the wedding package that best fits your budget and plan. 

Preparing for a wedding in Bali could force a couple to make several overseas trips, especially if they are very particular about their wedding plan. However, a couple could work closely with a wedding planner in Bali or one provided by the resort. The latter option requires a lot of faith in the planner as the couple may not have a chance to evaluate or make approvals until the set date. 

How do I Choose the Best Wedding Planner in Bali?

Selecting a good wedding planner is one of the most effective ways of sticking to your budget. However, many international couples seeking to have their dream wedding in Bali have little knowledge of Bali’s best wedding planners. They are often bombarded with numerous honey-coated options on the internet that makes decision-making a daunting task.

When selecting a planner for your wedding in Bali, choose one that has managed many international weddings before, and that has an established network of suppliers.

Although you may have the fortune to spend on your special day, having a budgeting plan for your international wedding in Bali could save you a lot of unnecessary expenses. It also helps you to save plenty of money for a rainy day after the wedding.  

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