January 28, 2023

As feared, soccer star George Weah continues to protest the election results in Liberia, threatening to topple the delicate house of cards of West African stability. One has to wonder if he is being incited by those who would benefit from renewed Liberian conflict, like former-warlord Charles Taylor. Taylor sits comfortably in Nigeria like a big old spider, pulling on various far-reaching threads and waiting to pounce.

Police in Liberia have clashed with supporters of George Weah, who was defeated in last month’s election.
Police fired tear gas at the protesters in a suburb of the capital, Monrovia.
Violence began after Mr Weah addressed several hundred supporters, alleging the election had been rigged and saying his rival would not be sworn in.
Ex-football star Mr Weah lost to economist Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in the polls, judged fair by most observers.
Mr Weah told hundreds of supporters at a rally on Sunday that he would block January’s inauguration of Mrs Johnson-Sirleaf as president.
“There is no victor for now, and I say there will be no inauguration in the country until the world gets together and finds a means for a peaceful resolution to the problem,” he said.
Supporters chanted “No George Weah, no Liberia”.
Riot police were deployed on the streets and made several arrests. The United Nations Mission in Liberia also deployed UN police.
Mrs Johnson-Sirleaf is set to become Liberia’s first elected head of state since the end of 14 years of war in 2003.
She will be Africa’s first elected woman president.

BBC NEWS | Africa | Weah rally sparks Liberia clashes

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