January 28, 2023

(Dude…what is the world coming to when buddhist monks are in fear of their lives..? Man, I kinda want one of them motorcycles…cd)
we make money not art
October 14, 2005
Monkmobiles and safron bulletproof robes
07:53 PM wearable
To protect Buddhist monks in predominantly Muslim southern Thailand from increased violence, new products are being developed, from bulletproof vests in the traditional safron hue to motorcycle sidecars—dubbed “monkmobiles”— encased in protective glass and outfitted with a small window for receiving alms.
Many of the products are devised by “Thailand’s Q” (reference to James Bond’s gadget guru), Major Songphon Eiamboonyarith who has also invented bulletproof tuk-tuks, net-shooter to entangle would-be agressors, “umbrellas that shoot rubber bullets, bullet-proof baseball caps and a hand-held device to fire a man-sized net 30 feet (10 m) to stop a villain in his tracks.”
Via Eyeteeth.

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