February 6, 2023

An update on why we did it, how many saw it, and where it is going….
For those of you who are curious about the Bushplug
We’ve done what we set out to do with The Bushplug. The Bushplug was picked up by more than 5,000 blogs (I stopped counting there) . We were mentioned on such heavy hitters as Fleshbot where we were Sex Toy of the Week, Boing Boing, Attu, Best Week Ever, and thousands more in more than eighteen languages. We estimate that photos of our George W. Bush Buttplug were seen by more than 6 Million People Worldwide. We were discussed on talk radio and morning shows in at least five major US cities and on Satellite Radio stations that have dedicated fanbases throughout the US, Canada, and other countries. .

Our purpose was simple. We weren’t trying to get rich. We didn’t know if anyone would want to actually own a high quality, food grade, latex rubber buttplug that looked like George Bush. Just in case we decided to make it out of the best materials with the best craftsmanship possible. None the less, we were surprised that anyone actually bought any! In fact, we were scared that we would sell more than we could actually make, that almost happened!
We wanted to show the world what we think of a President that has consistantly made decisions that we feel undermine the very foundations of this country and the concept of democracy. We wanted to give a graphic representation of where we think the President of the United States belongs because of the way he has abused our country, our constitution, our friendships with other countries, and our image as a nation of people that want the best world possible…for everyone.
We like to think that by creating, sharing, and distributing The Bushplug we had a little to do with the sweeping rejection of Bush’s Cronies and his policies at the polls last week.
Ultimately, the Bushplug was a statement we wanted to make. At the moment we have met and shipped all of our orders. Now we are ready to move on to the next great thing that catches our attention. We feel proud of associating assholes with another asshole.
Thanks to all the local media, bloggers, new media, radio stations, magazines, zines, and other outlets that helped us with interviews, links, commetary, and laughter.

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