February 5, 2023
Seville, Spain
I didn't have high hopes for Sevilla, but arriving here, it seems pretty nice. Lots of sunbathing in the park, beautiful architecture, and even a mosque they stole from the moors and converted to the worlds 3rd largest cathedral.

While I ‘m here, I’m constantly singing The Barber of Seville,

The opera is featured in the Our Gang comedy, “Our Gang Follies of 1938”, in that Alfalfa is tired of just being a crooner and decides instead to actually sing opera, auditioning for “The Barber of Seville”. In fact, after his intro in the follies, he comes out on stage with an accordion shout-singing “I’m the Barber of Se-VILLE!!”

It is pretty here at night though…and seems to be a pretty nice city, which aside from a lack of garbage pickup has a lot to offer…especially if you are into drinking…which, these days I am not.

ABC stores have made it to Spain! Not just Hawaii anymore!

While it may mean that I end up in hell, I freely admit that I just went to Burger King and ate a whopper with onion rings plus a caramel sundae and it was completely delicious and satisfying. The king for this king.
(Originally posted 04 April 2009)

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