February 6, 2023
Across Canada
Quebec City is better than most places though...it's French and there is a sort of smug condescension that suits me.


Most of my day was spent in the beautiful Musee de Civilzation. A natural place for an anthropologist to end up I think. They had several interesting exhibits, one on Egyptology, another on the long lasting effects in North America of the 7 years war which it turns out led to the French Expulsion from Nova Scotia, the war of Independence in the states, and most likely to the horrid treatment of indigenous peoples in Canada by the English after the much more enlightened treatment of the indigenous by the French. Full citizenship to genocide including the use of disease ridden blankets by the English. My favorite was a look at creatures from outer space in fact and fiction.

1 thought on “Quebec City Revisited – Musee de Civilization

  1. Quebec looks fantastic! Great images and stories to go with it. Love the French too. I guess that since we are such pessimistic American’s we can relate to a culture that naturally makes fun of us. Love that! Now let’s eat some french fries. 🙂

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