February 1, 2023
Some have you may have noticed the small badges on the right hand sidebar that say Lonely Planet and Travel Blogs. A few of you have asked me what they are. Here is your answer.

Some of you may have noticed the small badge that says Lonely Planet and Travel Blogs. A few of you have asked me what they are. Here is your answer.

They are badges issued by Lonely Planet and TravelBlogs.com to blogs that meet a certain criteria in terms of writing, photos, content, and informational content.

First, the Lonely Planet Featured Blogger badge is something that I’m extremely proud of. Lonely Planet scoured the global blogosphere and invited the top travel blogs in the world to participate in their blogsherpa program. When you consider that the program only took around 200 blogs from the millions that exist, you can start to see why this makes me proud. In addition, Lonely Planet is working with 40 of us right now to produce the first book under the blogsherpa brand. I am one of the participants and I can tell you that this thing is going to knock your socks off. So essentially, this badge is the Lonely Planet seal of approval. Lonely Planet does not dictate, censor, or even suggest the things I write about here, but they like it enough to allow their branding to be associated with it. Vagobond has been a favorite Lonely Planet Blog for Morocco, Turkey, and many other countries. Click on the link above to see all the featured blogs for Turkey at Lonely Planet.
Featured on TravelBlogs.com
While not on the same level as Lonely Planet, I am also quite proud to have been Featured on Travel Blogs.com. TravelBlogs.com has a pretty strict criteria for which blogs they highlight. they looked at Vagobond, contacted me and asked for permission to feature me, and then did so. I was honored.

Vagobond.com has also been featured on many other blogs, websites, and books. I’m in the process of compiling a list of media which has featured Vagobond.com and will post it soon.

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  1. Congrats V – am pretty sure JailGuide will never be featured on Travel Blogs… although… Lonely Planet sounds fitting…

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