January 31, 2023

The only problem with this gadget is that my typing skills make me backspace as often as I go forward…maybe he would do somersaults? When I first saw this, I thought maybe it was a way to make your hamster power you laptop. Either way, it has me laughing. (Thanks Luke!)

USB Hamster Wheel – I Want One Of Those
Do you sometimes feel that you’re caught up in the rat race of the working world, and that you are chained to your desk and getting no-where fast? Well we’ve found the perfect way to lighten the load. Now we can’t promise to take you out of the rat race but we can throw a hamster in there to mix it up a bit.
The USB Hamster Wheel is an utter delight. Plug it into your USB port, load the software from the CD provided and get typing. As you type, the hamster gets running, spinning the hamster wheel around in the process – the faster you type, the faster he runs. This demented rodent sent shrieks of laughter around the office when we tested it, and is the ultimate parody of modern society.

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