February 1, 2023

Rough Living

Okay…I assume that this blog is not an excercise in mental masturbation on my part. Although if it is, that is perfectly fine. It’s fun. Almost as fun as masturbating. Of course, if my assumptions are correct and my hit counter is accurate, there is more than just me, in which case we move from masturbation to intercourse, also texted as fukn. So….anyway….
I thought you might like to read an excerpt from one of my books…
Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual

The book is here

And here is the first of many excerpts….
What I like to carry- My Stuff…
Not everyone that reads this book is going to live the way I do. Not everyone wants to. This is a very individual way of living. Here are three examples:
Cat Lady- I saw a lady in the park yesterday wearing a couple of taped together garbage bags for a dress. Obviously, she needs help. She had a couple of shopping carts strung together loaded to overflow with stuff. I was curious and got closer despite the terrible stench that surrounded her. I was amazed to see that this madwoman was carting around about ten cats in travel cages. Most of what she carried was cat food and cats. Obviously, she’s a nutter.
Bag guy- There’s another crazy homeless guy around here that carries dozens of plastic shopping bags loaded with all of his possessions. Seriously, this guy has dozens of bags. Why are homeless people so obsessed with having stuff?
Surf guy- I’m told that this guy used to be a world class surfer and had an accident that made him loopy. He seems to have a better idea of what is going on than cat woman or bag guy. He has a couple of pairs of board shorts, a duffel bag with some t shirts in it, and a rice bowl and spoon. Simple and easy.
What do you need? Do you need cats? Do you need knickknacks? More importantly, since I’m assuming most of us aren’t crazy like the people above, what do you need with you?
Rough Living: An Urban Survival Manual

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