January 28, 2023

Here is my brief update….followed by a short summary of my trades so far….
Update 9/28/06. I have accpeted the offer of two lots in Arkansas from a Real Estate developer/guru as a trade for my 46 rubies. I will post more when we finalize the deal. In the meantime, since, as we have learned, some trades don’t happen, if you have an offer for the rubies let me know. If you have an offer for two beautiful lots in Arkansas…you can also let me know. My potential trading partner has suggested that it might be possible to trade one of the lots to a builder for a small house or possibly to the manufacturer of a Yurt or Dome house. Obviously, any trades will have to wait until this one is concluded, but this gives us a little time to think about it.
Full Summary Here
I traded this skateboard to Brian for this piece of folk art that I traded to Bob for a bunch of and hopefully am trading those to Eric for 2 picecs of in Arkansas.Pretty cool, huh? Everyone said it couldn’t be done after Kyle McDonald traded his paperclip for a house…I took that as a challenge…so since July…this is what has happened. I believe that we can all make the impossible, possible…

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