February 5, 2023

It turns out that the fish that got him wasn’t a barracuda after all, it was a crocodile needlefish…huh, go figgahs! –cd
Update on Kahana Bay Diver
Swimmer nearly eviscerated by a crocodile needlefish in Hawaii
Nineteen-year-old Tonga “Papio” Loumoli was diving at night in Hawaii when a four-foot-long crocodile needlefish sliced him from groin to breastbone.
2005 07 30 News Art4C-1 “As I looked down, all I seen was eyes and teeth,” he said. “It drilled me right in the chest. It felt like a missile or a sledgehammer. I said to myself, ‘Lord, if it’s your will, let it be done.'”

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