February 1, 2023

Okay guys, a couple of questions came up and I want to make sure the answers are available.
1) What is the deadline for submitting esssays?
Answer: Since the Winners will be announced April 14th. The deadline to get them to me is April 7th. That gives me a week to read them. If I am suddenly barraged by more entries than expected, I will have to push the announcement of the winners back.
2) Am I giving up my rights to whatever I write by submitting it to you?
Answer: Absolutely not. I only want permission to publish your submissions here at Incredible Fukn.us and if there are enough really great entries in a small volume of essays. Other than that, it is totally still yours. The reason I ask for permission to do this without paying royalties is because the way I look at it, the contest prizes are royalties of a sort and I would love to be able to include a volume of essays from this contest as a prize in the next essay contest.
3) What are the categories?
Answer: The categories are:
# Monkeys
# Chickens
# Hawaii Life
# Fukn Podcasts
# Kim Jong Il
# Odd stuff
# Technology
# Movies, Music, TV
# Scary Clowns
# animals
# politics
# food-drink
# Celebrities
# Africa
# Asia
# Space
# Books and Lit
# Epidemics
# Disasters
# Chris of the Week
# Art
# Philosopher’s Bum
# Skateboards
Technically you could also write an essay about the category ‘uncategorizes’.
4) Does the $100 Gift Certificate include shipping and handling?
Answer. Good question. Since shipping is an expense when buying books, it is factored into the equation. Depending on what size books you buy shipping can run from $1-3 per book.
Any further questions…send em my way…
Thanks to those you who have already entered. (And yes, a poem about any of the categories is also acceptable)

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