February 8, 2023

Check out the family tree. Of his middle son, Kim reportedly said, “He’s useless. He’s like a girl.”

North Korea celebrates the 64th birthday of its secretive leader Kim Jong-il on Thursday, with marches, exhibitions and a national holiday.
But for the outside world, anxious about North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and economic malaise, Mr Kim’s birthdays are a time to think about his succession.
This year is particularly pertinent. Kim Jong-il’s father, at 63, had already made it clear his son was the successor and had started manoeuvring him into power.
Now the younger Mr Kim has turned 64, yet there have been no pointers as to the next leader, fuelling speculation he is unsure who to pick, or faces a power struggle behind the scenes.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Who will lead North Korea next?
Eldest son, Kim Jong-nam, was out of favor after being “disgraced” in Japan. “Sounds juicy,” I thought…. Turns out he tried to sneak in with fake papers – and said that the reason was to visit Tokyo Disneyland!
Here’s a great family tree for the diminuative leader, with photos and descriptions of family members (and a consort)….
Kim Family Tree

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