February 8, 2023

Sploid, News With a Tabloid Mentality
In a desperate bid to hang onto his fading fame, 1990s serial killer Ted Kaczynski is holding a crazy online auction.
The virtual garage sale, which was authorized by the U.S. District Court in California on Thursday, will benefit the families of Kaczynski’s victims.
Items offered from his mountain lair include a hatchet, several of his infamous hooded sweatshirts, hundreds of history books, multiple versions of his manifesto and simple bomb-making tools.
“The Unabomber” was a media sensation in the 1990s.
His Luddite manifesto was published in big-time newspapers and his classic hoodie-and-shades look was heavily copied by wannabe hard players.
But home-grown terrorists lost their popularity after 9/11, because all terrorist activity is now said to be done by crazy Muslims from the Middle East rather than a crazy mathematical genius from Chicago living in a forest shack.

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