February 2, 2023
Military bases on Oahu

Pearl Harbor There are a ton of military bases on Oahu. Strike that, there are two tons – or maybe more like 250,000 tons. close to 50,000 active military personnel plus their wives and children makes at least 125,000 people who don’t live in Hawaii except as a duty assignment. Add to that the 15-25,000 reserve personnel and the 100,000 people who in some way rely on the bases for their employment and what you have is nearly 1/4 of the population here in Hawaii either in or beholden to the military. Hawaii is one of a very few states that have at least one base for every branch of the armed forces – and, actually, we have more than one of almost all of them. Counting the bases, like counting the personnel themselves is impossible because the definition of bases seems to change – for example Joint Base Pearl Harbor or whatever it is now. It’s not just the Navy and Marines who have a base in Hawaii – it’s every branch. Plus the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and state and local police. In any event, here are the bases.

Hickam Air Force Base in Honolulu

Bellows Air Force Base in Waimanalo

Fort Shafter Army Base in Honolulu

Schofield Barracks Army Base in Wahiawa

Tripler Medical Center Army Base in Honolulu,

Fort Derussy Army Base in Waikiki

Wheeler Army Airfield in Waihiawa

Camp Smith – Joint Base in Aiea

US Coast Guard Base Honolulu

Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii

Bellows Marine Corps Training Area

NCTAMS PAC in Wahiawa (Navy)

Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Pearl City

Kunia Field Station Navy Base in Kunia

Iroqouis Point Naval Station, Ewa Beach

So, if you count them that way – there are sixteen U.S. Military Bases on Oahu. The most heavily fortified island and city in the United States and quite possibly in the world. All the bases sit on prime land that once belonged to the Hawaiian Kingdom and thereby to the Hawaiian people – you can’t go on the bases unless you have clearance. Sorry.

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