January 31, 2023

Well folks. Hopefully Spring means the rains are going to finally stop here in Hawai’i and that the mainland (and the rest of the world too) will start to have nicer weather. The New York Times had the following story about twenty getaways for Spring Break to shake off the winter doldrums. Any of them sound great. As for myself and Mink Hippie, we won’t be doing any of them. The two of us will be in Tahiti. Hopefully, Bambi and Bernest will be able to keep you informed as to the happenings of the world over the next week. In the meantime, we might get a chance to give you a live update or two from French Polynesia. Enjoy your Spring Break!
To bid farewell to winter, here are 20 weekend getaways for spring, from bird-watching on Cape May in New Jersey to whitewater rafting in the Adirondacks of New York to a three-day jaunt to the sandy beaches of Bermuda. Work on your tan while sipping daiquiris onboard a Bahamas-bound cruise. Fly to London for a dose of highbrow culture. Or hop in a car and explore the backwoods of the Catskills as the earth thaws and life returns outdoors.
Twenty Spring Breaks – New York Times

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