January 30, 2023

It pays to be an asshole. Just ask Dick Cheney.

TuckerMax.com: “Assholes Finish First” deal is officially announced
“Assholes Finish First” deal is officially announced
Here is the Publishers Weekly announcement (it’s a little down the page).
So that’s the official news, here is what they are not telling you:
The advance for Assholes Finish First is the largest advance ever given to a blogger for a single book: $300,000.
[Note: I am 99% sure of it being the largest single book advance ever given to a blogger, and I did search high and low for confirmation, but I may be wrong. If I am, please email me and tell me, I don’t want to claim something that isn’t true.]
I also think that I am the first blogger to ever sign a second book deal (though again, I am not 100% sure) [EDIT: I was way wrong on this. There have been a bunch that have signed second deals. I just didn’t know them]. Why is this? Well, this article does a pretty good job explaining why. [Fun fact: According to BookScan, my book has by itself outsold all the books listed on that Boston Herald piece–Straight Up and Dirty, Washingtonniene, Dog Days, and Anonymous Lawyer–PUT TOGETHER. (So has Maddox’s, as he just spent 15 fucking weeks on the NY Times Best Seller List, which is awesome)]

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