February 5, 2023

Trade #3. Rubies for a Cal-20 Sailboat.
You know. It’s funny how things happen. I just finished trade #3. During the whole land fiasco, I thought about what I wanted out of all this. I realized that I’ve always wanted a sailboat. Something I could sleep on if necessary, something I could go out in to escape from the world from time to time. If the trading stops here, I will be pretty satisfied. It took me a little less than six months to trade my old veraflex skateboard for a Cal-20 sailboat. This is the same style boat that Mink Hippie and I learned to sail on last summer. I’m pretty stoked. I just left the moorage where we signed the paperwork and concluded the deal. To recap…here are the trades I have made so far…
1) My old veraflex for a Red Devil by outsider artist R.A. Miller
2) The Red Devil for rubies from Madagascar
3) The Rubies for my Cal 20 sailboat, which I plan to call Ruby even though she is blue
I am now accepting offers for my Kaneohe moored sailboat…and if it is good enough, I might even take you up on it.

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