February 2, 2023
Two of the places most visitors to Turkey have already heard of are Ancient Troy and the Gallipoli Peninsula. Both the scenes of epic battles and massive bloodshed. Both also made into films of the same name.

Gallipoli Tour
Most visitors to Turkey have already heard of Ancient Troy and the Gallipoli Peninsula.
Both the scenes of epic battles and massive bloodshed. Both also made into films of the same name.
For most visitors from Australia and New Zealand, a visit to the Gallipoli Battlefields is an integral part of their trip to Turkey. Gallipoli was the first battle site for the ANZACs (troops from Australia and New Zealand) and it scarred the national memory. It was also the place were Mustapha Kamal Ataturk (the father of Turkey) rose to notice. And despite the fact that they were enemies, it is the place where a long and respectful friendship between Aussie, Kiwis, and Turks was born.
While it is possible to tour Gallipoli and Troy on your own, you will get much more from it if you are with an experienced guide.
A visit to this beautiful and moving Peninsula can be easily arranged, either in a day or combined with a visit to the ancient city of Troy. A private tour with your own vehicle, English speaking driver and specialist guide is another option for those who want a more personal experience.

If you opt for the regular tour from Istanbul you will depart from your hotel in Istanbul at 6.30 am and returns approx 10.30 pm
Included in the tour are transport, lunch and guided tour of the Kabatepe Museum and all the memorial sites including Anzac Cove, Ariburnu Cemetary, Lone Pine, Johnstons Jolly, the Nek
Turkish Cemetary and Chunuk Bair Memorial.
This tour is 100 Euros per person.

Private Tours of Gallipoli from Istanbul
You will depart your hotel in Istanbul at 7.30 am and return at approximately 9.00 pm. Included are a private vehicle with English speaking driver, a highly experienced guide, packet breakfast, and lunch on arrival.
The tour covers all of the Australian and New Zealand memorial sites but also gives guests the opportunity to visit the Turkish Memorial Cemetary at Cape Hellas.
The cost for a private tour is usually about twice the price of the standard group tour so count on about 200 Euro per person, though there are discounts for three or more.

Day Trips to Troy
Tours of TroyA regular tour from Istanbul goes from about 6.30 am from your Istanbul hotel and returns around 12:00 midnight. Included are pickup from hotel, transport, lunch in Ecebat, crossing the Dardenelles and a fully guided Tour of Troy before returning to Cannakkale and then back to Istanbul.
Cost is about 110 Euros for this trip.

To really experience the places, it’s recommended that you go for at least one night, though some schedules won’t allow for that. By going overnight you can have the fully guided tours of Gallipoli and Troy plus spend time in Ecebat. Transport is included in this package as well as one night’s hotel in Canakkale. All fees, tolls, etc are included as well as lunch on the first day.
Prices vary depending on level of hotel, tour options etc.

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