January 30, 2023

Now folks, this is all rumour of course, but I have it on not so great authority that Katie Holmes dumped Tom Cruise even though she is pregnant with his baby because Renee Zellweger called her up and told her that her ex, Kenny Chesney, and Tom were doing some Brokeback Mountain bonding. The rumours of Tom being gay have been flying around Hollywood for years, but no one ever mentioned that he liked country! I hear that Tom spends some time looking himself up online, maybe he would like to post a comment about this latest fukn story????
katieKatie got a call from Renee Renee saying that Kenny kenny and Tom tom were playing brokeback gay cowboy and now Katie doesn’t know what to do, because as a young girl she never thought about marrying Tom Cruise if he was gay….
There you have it….

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