January 26, 2023

When it comes to bathroom décor, Seeley Springman’s art brings a flush to some cheeks. Her custom toilet seats make people either laugh or gasp with embarrassment.
The Clyde Hill woman just wants to lighten the sometimes-taboo subject of visits to the restroom. After all, she says, everyone goes.
She starts with celebrity photographs, such as a curvy Marilyn Monroe in a long gown or John Wayne dressed in cowboy duds. Springman decorates the photos and seats with sequins, fake jewels, elegant gold writing or bright cartoonish words. The Wayne seat, for instance, says, “Aim high, pilgrim.” Then she coats both sides with clear epoxy that stands up to repeated scrubbings and sanitation chemicals.
Bare-naked toilet seats look boring in comparison to her Ode to the Commode versions.
Springman, an airline-flight attendant, describes her unusual art as grown-up potty humor.
“Kids laugh at potty talk when they’re young,” she said. “We do it as adults, even though we pretend not to. How many euphemisms do we have for going to the bathroom? That’s just adult potty talk.”
Indeed, children probably won’t connect some of the phrases with bathroom humor. But adults will certainly understand her gag lines.
The Seattle Times: Local News: Toilet-seat art sits well with some

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