January 30, 2023

To Everyone Affected By Various Bush Wars:
Advanced Response
After due consideration and negotiation, we the undersigned, have decided that the administration of George W. Bush has been responsible for enough death, suffering, and warfare. We have recognized (and barely in the nick of time) that the feud we have been engaging in over the rightful use of the likeness of George W. Bush as an anal toy (Variously known as George W. Tush and The Bushplug) may have resulted in harsh words and hurt feelings. We have appreciated and enjoyed the outpourings of love and support for each side in this debate. While we know, that it isn’t possible to repair all the harm that may have been done by Tushies against Plugites or the explosions and bombings of the Plugites against the Tushies. We have come together to deplore this violence. We may have our differences, but we do support one thing together: The right to shove an effigy of George W. Bush, President of the United States, into an anus. It is with this goal in mind that we hereby announce that we will henceforth be working together as a single unified website at http://www.bushplug.com . We pray and hope that our factionalized world can learn from our efforts. We are going to work together despite our differences and we sincerely hope that everyone will benefit. Our coalition website can hopefully stand as a testament to what those with different viewpoints who share fundamental beliefs can accomplish in the face of world attention and scrutiny. It is time for all Plugites and Tushies to unite as Muslims and Iraqis….um…sorry that is as Bush Butt Pluggers and put an end to the violence and mayhem that George W. Bush and his anal toy likeness has caused. Together we intend to build a superbuttplug that will put an end to all wars and wipe all dissent from Uranus.(…yeah…we’re cringing too!) Dubya ain’t going nowhere in 2008, except Uranus.
Chris Damitio – Bushplug.com
David Gaz- Celebritybuttplugs.com
George W. Bush – BushPlug.com

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