February 5, 2023

The internet has made the world far too easy to exploit. Scammers have risen from the gutters to the auction sites and free classified sites where they prey on those struggling to feed their families or those struggling to pay their power bills. Young men in Edgecombe and Nash Counties who previously might have gone to UNC Greensboro or Falls Road Baptist Church now take to the internet with their new form of American social network self-importance and narcicistic facebook-esque hubris. They use brains that could otherwise be used for the good of the many for the good of their own ego and nothing else. When they are insulted, they take guns from their bleach blonde divorcee mothers and go on shooting sprees at their high schools or universities.

They leave their mother’s covered in blood among the wiggs she once thought made her stylish and they kill their classmates – or they simply pray on those who are trying to take care of their families.

Zachary Mitchell was one such boy. A boy who played basketball, loved the Tarheels, and made a little extra money scamming people on the internet. It was all so easy…until it wasn’t any longer. Then, suddenly, overnight – he found himself in a nightmare where $178 cost him everything he’d ever loved – and his entire future.

Before he recognized he’d fucked with the wrong person online, his older brothers were both dead -everyone had said the twins would do everything together – and they were right – even in dying. Witnesses saw a slender man come from the pine trees. Hiding within his own shadow was how one said it – but other’s thought it was only his imagination. His mother was next – the one who had worked so hard for him, defended him from his alchoholic father, and ultimately the one who lost all she had worked for so tirelessly, because her son was a scammer.

Here’s a bit of advice for narcicistic scammers…don’t fuck with people who live in violent third world countries. Don’t steal from those who are already struggling to make it. And don’t fuck with a bear when it has cubs to take care of. Might as well add – don’t make $178 the cost for everything you love.

No one really knows what happened to his family. Some say the boy went postal and killed them all before he skipped town and disappeared in the woods. Others say that he picked the wrong mark and paid the price. Still others say that he was dragged straight into hell by the slender man. No one really knows. No one really cares. He was a piece of shit anyway and deserved what he got because he only thought of himself and no one else.

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