January 28, 2023

Well for those of you who have been following this story on Incredible Fukn.us and haven’t seen the new South Park (like me) here is a great review…don’t read it if you want to be surprised.
IGN: South Park Review

    1. In an extremely funny move, Parker and Stone took previously recorded footage of Hayes from old episodes and awkwardly spliced it together to create new dialogue for Chef. Chef it seems came back to South Park with a shocking new fondness for sex with children, and one of the episodes running jokes had Chef continually begin to sing his popular “I’m Gonna Make Love to you Woman” song, except “woman” was replaced with every rude and crude thing you can think that involved children and their bodies. Suffice to say, the show isn’t getting any more family friendly as time goes on.


    “Trapped in the Closet” had started this whole situation by parodying Scientology, and while Parker and Stone weren’t about to bring up the religion by name again, they pointedly made it pretty clear what they think of the situation with Hayes, pulling no punches. We learn that the Super Adventurers Club has in fact brainwashed Chef, changing him from the friend all the boys loved to this “weirdo” they’re talking to now. Make your own conclusions as to what that is supposed to signify. One inspired in-joke had the leader of the Super Adventures Club explaining their belief that having sex with children makes them immortal, as text on screen informed the audience that, “This is what the Super Adventures Club actually believes;” a clever reference to the “Trapped in the Closet” episode using the same wording when showing Scientology beliefs. The episode then went to the South Park extreme, as Chef makes his choice to stay with the Super Adventures Club rather then return with the boys… only to be burnt alive, fall off a cliff, get impaled and then finally be torn apart by a mountain lion and a bear. And yes, it was all wonderfully, horrifically hysterical.
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