January 27, 2023

Thanks to Chuck for sending this my way….
Hummer Overfloweth
The word around town was that the Hummers weren’t moving. It looked like high gas prices and a White House reversal on fuel conservation meant that fewer “W” bumper stickers would find their exposed sticky sides mating gloriously with the smooth rear bumper of an H2, somewhere between the tow loop and the access hole for a Class 3 hitch.
We were skeptical at first. Sources can be unreliable, but the scuttlebutt was that inventory had been building for months now and the local Hummer dealer had panicked. He had begun storing his Hummer inventory at an undisclosed location, far from the dealer showroom so as not to spook jittery, prospective buyers with the mounting number of unsold H2s and H3s.
When an anonymous caller phoned in with the location, we were off. “The rear parking lot of the Hyatt Westlake Plaza Hotel”, he said, just before the line went dead.
TMTGM investigative sleuths Erik Ustin and Ray Pizzuti grabbed your still somewhat skeptical editor, and after stopping at Human Resources to pick up a few “half-off at Togo’s” coupons we scurried past security, through the main entrance, and out to the parking lot.
A security guard spotted us and yelled, “Hey you three, stop right there!”
We froze in place, eyeing our surroundings, thinking quickly, instantly evaluating possible courses of action.
“One of you didn’t scan out! Get back here and run your badge past the scanner again and make sure it beeps this time!”
OK, we’re not sure where this was headed or how long and how silly it would be enroute, so we’ll just get to it. The Hummer dealer in this part of Southern California is apparently having trouble moving his merchandise. After a row of Hummers was spotted behind the Hyatt Hotel, three of us went on a reconnaissance mission to find out more. Here’s the first picture we snapped: (see above)
The Mess That Greenspan Made: Hummer Overfloweth

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