February 1, 2023

I kept meaning to blog about this super cool lady that I met on the bus a while back. Lynette Chang is this incredible adventuress that has biked across Cuba and through South America and is currently on an epic adventure through the U.S. I met her one rainy night on the way to a Gallery Walk in Honolulu. It was a crowded bus and I ended up standing near where she was sitting..I’m not real sure how we started talking but it was instantly clear that I had met a kindred spirit. As I said, I’ve intended to blog about her for a while but kept forgetting so it seems that the group email below is a good reminder to me (plus it has all her links). Keep your eyes open for her and if you run into her be sure to tell her that The Chairman of the Fukn Bored wishes her well….
Hawaii friends…(including those who emailed me, helped me at some point, don’t live there but have said ‘I love Hawaii’, etc – tell me if you want to be scrubbed from my Hawaii friends, no icky feelings) This is a note to point you to the place I’ve put movies, stories etc about my time in Hawaii. Look for yourselves in there! Let me know if you want anything added or subtracted and I’ll try to oblige. You can even walk the 11-mile Kalalau trail with me without risk of falling over the edge: http://www.galfromdownunder.com/hawaii Please feel free to share with any interested friends over there (or who want to be there). I am now in Texas, enjoying the lush pavement, characterful stripmalls, scorched earth-under-concrete … http://www.galfromdownunder.com/texas Thank you all so much for making me feel so welcome in Hawaii. I kid you not when I say I made more friends there in a week than in years elsewhere. Not sure if it’s because I fail the physical ‘haolie’ test … :o) In fact, I even scraped together to buy a little piece of the Big Island, which you can view in a movie here: http://www.galfromdownunder.com/hawaii-lot As I say in the blurb, I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to take full advantage of it, as in, live there and vanilla like Ann, but at least its put some dreams in my head and I can feel I am closer to people who accept me, or at least get my drift. I am thinking … a ferro cement and lava hut (thanks Rick and Iris for that inspiration) … a discarded boat of Craigslist … a Yurt with faux Grecian colonnades and an awful manicured lawn to make it look ‘to code’ … etc. The description also includes contact info for Jeanee and Geri, the realtors who put up with all my pre-purchase angst with grace, in case you want to go scrape up around $19K, and be a neighbor. Thanks also to those who came to the Peru video showing at Ralph and Bernice’s in Kaneohe. The money has been sent to Lon Haldeman’s Peru fund … he told me the orphanage’s caretaker nun had requested a rotary tiller for the land to grow food, so that will help. Here’s where I caught up with Lon last week: http://www.bikefriday.com/bf/desertcamp2006 Hope you’ll stay in touch – send me an email and I’ll reply in person – this was just to save some dang obvious cutting and pasting. I am now seeing a bit more of America as per http://www.bikefriday.com/bf/galacrossamerica I hope to hook up with you sooner rather than later – I have a frequent flyer ticket returning to the Big Island later this year. Peel a 4-for-a-$1-so-what-if-they’re-GMO-better-than-eating-Sara-Lee papaya for me. Lynette http://www.galfromdownunder.com Currently here: http://www.galfromdownunder.com/texas

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