February 1, 2023

Aloha friends,

I’m glad to be able to focus on positive changes to our future – there’s a link at the bottom that explains why the picture above is a happy one. Each week, I’ll send out a few links and maybe some thoughts on what is happening in the realms that interest me – in general what interests me is shaping a better world for those who follow us… and space exploration. Since I’m me, I’m sure there will be some doom and gloom political and climate stuff thrown in there too.

Hydrogen and Sustainable Energy

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. If we want to survive the Malthusian death cross that began last year and peaks sometime around 2050 – we need to learn to harness hydrogen energy for things like carbon capture, desalination, and more. I’m happy to see a few large scale hydrogen projects moving forward this week. I’m also happy to see that my prediction that the legacy fossil fuels companies would become the biggest climate repair players seems to be coming to pass.




China, the UAE, and the US all had their missions arrive safely at the Red Planet this week. Pretty cool to see diversity in space. The EU has vowed to make their astronaut program more diverse in terms of the people in it – which is also pretty cool. Privatized space has become a big big thing. Elon Musk’s SpaceX hit an astounding valuation this week – it wasn’t alone.


Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin followed $50k with $51k this morning – I suspect it won’t take very long at all to reach $100k per bitcoin.


Other Economics and Politics

Andrew Yang has promised that as NYC Mayor (if elected) he will make New York a crypto city – he also announced a People’s Bank today – which sounds pretty cool to a socialist like myself.


Finally…this just feels good.

The future is coming. What could go wrong? Let’s fix it.


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