January 30, 2023

I love this piece by Ryan Dionne (rdionne@thespectrum.com) I do however, think this story needs further investigation…Why was the woman in the cart? Why did the circus leave her behind? What was her job in the circus? We need answers… (Mink Hippie asks just how long ago the circus left her behind…was it 1980?) If you have answers please help us….

Devill Butt

The Spectrum, St. George – www.thespectrum.com –
CEDAR CITY – Police responded Thursday morning to a report of a woman exposing herself inside Lin’s Market Place.The 28-year-old woman allegedly was in the store with her pants around her ankles and not wearing any underwear.
At first she was riding a motorized cart, so other customers didn’t notice anything unusual. But occasionally, when standing, she would bend over to look at items on the shelf, allegedly exposing her buttocks.
The woman reportedly told police she arrived in Cedar City with the circus but was left behind. She was cited for lewdness.

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