February 1, 2023

The American Project
by Vago Damitio http://www.vagodamitio.com/

I’m considering a new direction and project in my life and work. I’ve never been keen on the American dream or being American (aside from the passport) – but as I get ready to come home and bring my immigrant family with me – I realize, maybe I never gave the USA the chance it deserves. I’ve never taken the time to indulge in watching spectator sports or being a team fan. I’ve never tried to climb the career ladder, I’ve never indulged in great american past times…

When it comes down to it…I’m as much a foreigner to America as my wife who has never been there yet. Especially since I’ve been away these past 4 + years while technology and social conventions have totally changed the face of a country that I knew in passing to a country I feel like I don;t know at all.

My perspective is incredibly fresh. I know little to nothing about America or being American. To be completely fair, I left America when I left the mainland back in 2001. Hawaii has never been and will never be like the rest of America. No professional sports teams, not the same patriotic fervor, not the same vibe. So, in reality, I’ve been away from America for more than 12 years (with a couple of visits in the first 8 years I was away).

Project AmericaI don’t know if this would be of interest to anyone – but it seems like an opportunity for me, my Arab wife, and our 19 month old baby to discover the America that we’ve never known. To write and blog about it. To learn things from real Americans. To dive into everything I’ve spent my life avoiding…football, college basketball, rodeos, pilates, marriage counseling, shrinks, TV dinners, office politics, watercooler chat, sitcoms, Applebys, gun culture, pop stars,and all the things that I can’t think of and don’t know about America.

This is an opportunity to share the real America with the world. Real American’s are probably laughing at my list but that should give you a clue to how clueless I really am about my own country. Imagine how clueless the rest of the world is? I’ve met a lot of people all over the world and been astounded at the ideas they have about my country…who knows? Maybe they are right and I’m the clueless one (I am for sure but I suspect that they may also be mistaken.

Let me know what you think of this idea. I’m considering setting up and launching a kickstarter project once we arrive in the USA. In the first weeks we are there we will be reconnecting with family and friends…if this idea gains some legs…after that we will embark on a journey to discover the true culture of America with you as our tour directors.

1 thought on “The American Project

  1. Hey… I’d like to be the first one to say… Sounds like a grand new adventure!

    Maybe you’ll travel through the Southeastern states, and we can finally meet!

    Is it weird that I sometimes feel I’ve had my fill of the push-push-push of Capitalisim, and that I’ve fantasized about running away to a quiet little area in Hawaii??

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