January 30, 2023


Cheeta the chimpanzee, who appeared in the Tarzan movies, has attended a party to celebrate his 74th birthday.
Cheeta is kept by US primate sanctuary owner Dan Westfall, who was given him by an uncle who was a Hollywood animal trainer in the 1930s.
The chimp, who appeared opposite Johnny Weissmuller in 12 films, is recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest chimp.
Cheeta was given a sugar-free cake at the party as he is now diabetic.
Chimpanzees rarely live past 40 in the wild but can reach 60 in captivity.
Keeper Westfall runs the Creative Habitats and Enrichment for Endangered and Threatened Apes (Cheeta) sanctuary in Palm Springs, California.
He said: “Cheeta had a good time. The party went real good.”
Westfall added that Cheeta was very active and “still has every tooth in his head”.
Representatives from a Spanish film festival attended the party to present Cheeta with the first award of his career – an International Comedy Film Festival of Peniscola prize.
Westfall adopted Cheeta in 1992 from his uncle, who obtained the chimp from Africa in the 1930s.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Tarzan’s chimp Cheeta reaches 74
Have you seen the original Tarzan films from the 1930’s? Before the censors really cracked down in 1934, they were actually kinda racy.
Check out Tarzan and His Mate. Maureen O’Sullivan is hot and there is a four minute nude swimming scene.
And dialogue like…
Tarzan: Good morning, I love you.
Jane Parker: Good morning, I love you. You never forget, do you, Tarzan?
Tarzan: Never forget… I love you.
Jane Parker: Love who?
Tarzan: Love you.
Jane Parker: Love who?
Tarzan: Love Jane.
Jane Parker: Love… my…
Tarzan: Love my… wife. My wife!

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