February 1, 2023

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The Strongest Permanent Magnets Ever Manufactured!

Set Of Eighty-Seven Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets
These Curiously Strong magnets have amazing strength in a very small size. Five to fifteen times the strength of common fridge magnets, these magnets can lift 400 times their own weight in steel. Their power will astonish you. This type of magnet is generally used in expensive electronic equipment such as computer hard drives, cell phones and loudspeakers. Now you can own some without ripping apart that old hard drive you used in college.
Each set contains 87 grade 40 neodymium-iron-boron rare-earth permanent magnets plated in nickel. That’s a whole bunch of fun. Various sized magnets (close-up here) are included. Your set will arrive in a specially packaged cylinder designed to help the magnets travel safely.
Not sure how to use your Herculean strength magnets? Here are some ideas…
These magnets are very strong and should be handled with care. Small children should not handle these magnets. Older children should be supervised at all times when handling these magnets. These magnets should not be ingested. If the magnets are allowed to snap together or against steel, they will chip and crack. You should keep them at least six to twelve inches away from computer hard drives, credit cards, computer monitors, and other susceptible electronic equipment. Individuals with pacemakers and other internal medical devices should not handle or come within close proximity of strong magnets. These magnets are safe for air transport as packaged but as a general rule they should be kept off airplanes.

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