February 8, 2023

I totally enjoy watching Lost. A couple of years ago, before the show started, I applied for a job I saw on Craigslist to be a production assistant for some new show. I had been doing a lot of PA work around that time for a lot of shows. This show sounded cool, they called me in for the interview and I thought it went pretty well…the show sounded pretty far out…about a bunch of people cast away on a mysterious island…in any event, I didn’t get the job, they picked someone that lived closer to the production office since my listed address was in Kailua on the other side of the mountains…the funny thing is at the time, I was living in my van…lol…it didn’t stop other shows from hiring me, but in this case…the job went to the girl who lived closer.  That’s just an interesting sidenote…at the time, no one had heard of Lost. In any event, since then, I’ve worked out at the gym with Dominic, driven Evangeline Lily to the airport and ran into her at the thrift store, been to multiple sets on various errands as a limo driver, and watched Evangeline’s house burn down one morning when I climbed a nearby hill to watch the sunrise, run into Yunjin Kim at the car wash, Rousseau at a downtown bar, etc etc….and while I’m not a star struck kind of person generally, I have to admit…it’s been pretty cool seeing Hurley shopping at Daeia, Charlie and Jack chatting in a church parking lot, and taking Elizabeth Vargas to the set to do interviews…..amazingly, it’s only recently that I have finally caught up on all the episodes…I can tell you where just about every episode was shot since I was a tour guide here for years…It is cool to see how Waimea or Kaneohe becomes this strange island…but I will tell you something that is even cooler and more strange….
This island has more secrets than the fictional one on the television.  When I was driving limo, I had to drive some important people around…I always listened…and sometimes they let tidbits slip out…this one came from one of the key engineers of the Iraq war. I felt like I had evil in the back seat…he had an important meeting with the head of the Pacific Command near Pearl Harbor and he laughed as he repeated a quote that was attributed to him by his opponents…
“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely…it’s pretty cool.”  He was talking in the phone and laughing saying that he hadn’t known it would get that much press. Later I drove him over the H-3 freeway to Kaneohe…he was reflective after his meeting at Pacific Command and told me that I had no idea what was in the hills… he told me that the US had constructed two complete and fully functioning underground cities during the cold war…one in Kaneohe and one in the Red Hill area…he said that each of these cities were still fully functional….then he asked if I believed him…I said sure..but I thought he was lying…
But recently, I found a ‘hatch’ in Kaneohe….it is being converted to a secrue data storage and it is huge…below are pictures….it’s late now…I have to stop….but check these out….and believe me…there is a lot more to tell… I took these pictures with my phone….there is electricity in them and they extend back further than we went…you can see my friend on a bicycle at the end of a huge corridor…..

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