February 8, 2023
Early this morning, the worlds newest nation was born. South Sudan.

map of South Sudan For those of you who have already been to every country or who are keeping lists with the intention to visit every country (this means you Chris Gullibelleu) you can add one more to the list. Early this morning, the worlds newest nation was born. South Sudan.
South Sudan Statistics:
Born: July 9, 2011
Population: 7,500,000 – 10 million
Capital: Juba
Motto: Justice, Liberty, Prosperity
Official Language: English (second language Juba Arabic)
Currency: Sudanese Pound
Already the nation is targeting tourism by creating a massive wildlife national park.

It?s home to the world’s second largest migration of animals, an epic movement of antelope through some of Africa’s most pristine wildernesses. But there is not a single tourist in the vast expanse and stunning scenery of Badingilo National Park to see it — not yet, anyway.
Women ululated and men danced as the ribbon was cut to mark the centre’s opening, set in a wooded area close to the White Nile river, some 85 kilometres (53 miles) north of the south’s capital Juba.
Badingilo is home to giant herds of antelope — including tiang, white-eared kob and reedbuck — as well as giraffe, lion, cheetah and vast bird populations.Badingilo park, vibrant green from recent rains, stretches over 10,000 square kilometres (2,470 square miles).It is within the largest widerness area of intact savannah eco-system left in east Africa — and an extension of the park by up to three times its current size has been proposed.
Nor is it the only park: South Sudan has 16 national parks or protected reserve areas, one of them alone, Southern National Park is the size of Rwanda

newest nation in the worldThe ceremonies were attended by dignitaries from all over the world including the President of Sudan who was once the leader of the south.

The new nation is banking on tourism but currently some 98 percent of the Juba government’s budget comes from oil revenues, but current estimates suggest production could decline within the next two decades.
However, a holiday here will not be for the faint-hearted, light of pocket or unprepared — the two-hour drive from Juba is on a dirt track, in places lined with landmine clearance signs.

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