February 4, 2023

(When I arrived in Africa recently, my bags did not. The South African airline that remained in possession of my bags sent me the most amazing apology note, before proceeding to do nothing. This followed after the purser on the flight apologized for the lack of peanuts by announcing his regret that he did not possess a huge $10 million coat that he could throw on the ground for all the passengers to walk on… kg)
Dear Ms ,
I refer to the delay of your baggage on the above-mentioned flight and want to assure you that we will never inconvenience our valued customers intentionally.
I therefore wish to apologize most sincerely that you have been subjected to all the stress and frustration as a result of this incident. Although the fact that we are perturbed about this may not be conspicuous, you can rest assured that it fills us with a sense of failure, because we have failed in our mission. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to rectify this matter.
_____ Airways relies on the services provided by handling agents for the correct handling of our customers’ baggage. Regrettably, to the disappointment of the airline, we do from time to time experience major problems. We are currently liaising with our baggage handling agent and delivery companies to improve on this aspect of our service.
I have requested our offices in Dakar to make contact with you and to assist where possible to send the baggage to Free Town.
We trust that this incident will not alienate you from _____ Airways, and we look forward to welcoming you on board again in the near future.
With kind regards,
Global Passenger Services

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