February 5, 2023

I’ve been doing a little bit of work on the blog today. I added a plugin called wordpress cache that is supposed to make the site load faster. I don’t know if it is temporary or not, but a side effect seems to be that sometimes the page comes up unavailable. If you refresh the page, it comes up alright. Also finally got rid of some pay per click ads that I was trying out that didn’t yield enough to clutter up the site with. The banner on the top makes almost enough to pay for the domain and hosting and I just like looking at the suicide girls ad. It doesn’t cost me much. Since the change in name, we haven’t heard much from the other bloggers on the site, I guess I can understand not wanting to make themselves terror suspects. As for me, I don’t really care. I’ve also limited the number of posts per page to ten from twenty, that should help lower the load time.
Now, the most exciting thing is that on the right sidebar, the ten most recent user comments are featured below the most recent posts. This gives you guys a chance to have more people see what you are saying without other readers having to click on the comments bar. Hopefully, this will inspire a little more discussion.
I’ll keep trying out new things and hopefully none of it will tax your enjoyment of the site. If you feel like making some sort of a donation to me for my efforts, go to Primitive Books and find something to read. The books are cheap and the money goes in my pocket. At the moment, it is my only source of income aside from the books I have written that are selling at Lulu.com. The majority of my time right now is going into my latest novel. I’ll tell you about that when it’s done, which should be pretty soon.
Finally a special note to internet explorer users. If you don’t see a sidebar on the right side untilyou reach the bottom of the page, you really need to stop using such a trashy browser and get firefox. At the least get Safari for Windows.
That’s all for now…
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