January 28, 2023

Sometimes with the war, Y2K, the stock market rising and falling, insanity seeming to rule world politics, and the Lynden Fair….it’s easy to forget about the simple things we have already lost to our Frankenstein. 1
Think about cars for a second, they have enabled us to remain in an artificial world for as long as we can stand it. Think about it. You wake up, you get ready for work, you drive to work, you drive home from work. You’re lucky if you know your neighbors, or the ones next to them. It used to be that people lived in communities. Nobody has time for that kind of thing anymore. Dad has to support the family…and so does mom…..kids off to daycare. Theres no need to walk by the house next door. Get in the car, drive to the beach or mountains, and then have a nice walk where you still can’t avoid the infestation of humanity. No parent in their right mind will let their kids stay out all day without supervision or checking in. It’s definately not safe for kids to be outside after dark. I used to love disappearing on little kid adventures all day and playing outside at night. That’s because of cars. Cars have robbed us of what is right under our noses. They have made the here less important because it is so easy to get there. They have destroyed towns, neighborhoods, and communities. Cars.
What about movies? Did you know in past decades people used to build fancy movie theatres, get dressed up in nice clothes, and applaud after the movie, while watching all of the credits? Why did we replace the respectfulness of film with the greasy popcorn, rude behavior, and vulgar quick exit of movies? Twice in recent months, the Bellis Fair Cinema has shut movies off before the credits were through. (I like to stay and read the credits) Even though I was the only person left in the theatre, it pissed me off. I like the credits. Movies.

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